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Sponsor a child

I know many of my friends sponsor a child through World Vision. It only cost $35 a month to provide food, shelter, education and a hope to a poor kid in a third world country. This week Chalice, a program similar to World Vision but run by Catholic priests, come to our church for promotion. The priest display many photos of poor children from all over the world. Each photo come with a brief description of the child and a donation package. You can select a child and become his sponsor on the spot. Pat always want to sponsor a child. She picked a child in Bangladesh because he say he like playing cricket and Bangladesh is next to India. I guess she pick this child to make fun of me.

I am never very kin on signing up to become a sponsor. It’s indisputable a charity good deed so I am not against it. However, I think sponsor a child is only treating the symptom of the real problem, but will never solve it. It definitely makes a huge difference to the child you sponsor or other children share the same facility. But on a broader scale, it is just like fighting fire with a cup of a water. It is pretty much useless. The real problem is there are too many poor people in third world countries. Those poor children should not come to the world to suffer in the first place. Poor children grew up into poor adult who give birth to more poor children. We have to stop this vicious circle if we really want to fix the problem. I wanted to donate money to get things done right once for all, not just treating the symptom. Actually I tried to search for charity programs that focus on family planning in third world country, but I found none. Making poor people having less babies is a more noble deed than the charity work of feeding a few hungry mouths.

Gapping the generation gap

Yesterday, Pat’s church choir held a hot pot dinner social gathering event. Although I am not part of the choir, I tagged along as the choir director’s husband and the choir side kick for putting away the microphone after mass every week. I shared a table with several guys from the choir. Most of them are still in university. I almost a decade older than them and I afraid I may have generation gap with them. At the end, I mixed pretty well with them without feeling bored at all for the whole night. The topics of conversation is quite geeky, we talked about sci-fi TV series and movies. We had some in-depth discussion on the history of Firefly, Star Trek, Battle Star Galatica and Star Gates. We also talk about the latest development of Heros. To my surprise, the younger generation is less passionate about Star Wars than my generation. I guess the prequel really trashed the Star Wars brand by leaving a bad impression on those come to know it the first time.

I like watching sci-fi, but sometimes I feel like I am just wasting my time watching TV. It turns out those time I spent sitting in front of the TV is not wasted after all. Other than the enjoyment I get from watching the show per se, the useless trivial knowledge are handy conversation materials with acquaintances. Common interesting bonds people together. If I don’t have general knowledge on sci-fi TV culture, I will totally left out of the chat last night. The young guys may think I am just a weird middle age man.

Camp visit

Pat goes to the WCCCLC camp again this year and help out by being a group facilitator. I am exempted from going to the camp this year thanks to SoB’s and Derek’s visit. Still I drove in to give Pat moral support today. The camp site is not very far away, just outside of Chilliwack, took me 1 hours to get there. One of the special feature of tonight’s program is World Youth Day sharing. There are 6 people in the camp went to WYD this year, including myself, and two of them I never met before. Due to the extra two people, the sharing ran overtime and we have to cut back the words we originally planned to say. I made a conclusion on the pilgrimage with focus on God’s blessing. I will elaborate more on that when I write my article on the afterthoughts of WYD.

Finally I had received my iPod shuffle today in mail. When I got a call from the rental office saying there is a parcel waiting for me, I have no clue what I will receive. It has been so long since I open a bank account in TD just to get the free iPod shuffle, and I already gave up my home of getting the iPod, thought something has screwed up in the process. Anyways, now I have my first mp3 player, and I can say goodbye to burning CD. I must admit the design of Apple is very impressive, the iPod is nicely packaged. Even open the box taking out the iPod is such a pleasant experience. All the components sits nicely in their individual air tight seals, unlike other mp3 players that only sit in plastic bags in foam boxes.

In addition, I came across a wonder website www.pplive.com. This site broadcast TV channels from China live, including TVB and ATV. All you need to download their software than serve as a peer-to-peer middle man between the streaming server and your media player. The quality is quite good, some channels even in par with TV. Definitely worth to give it a try.


Recently, I got overwhelmed by church activities. There are too many meetings and events going on, and I am stressed out since it eats into my private time. Preparation for Worth Youth Day is good, but do we need to spend so much time doing all these things? Someone may prefer better prepare themselves spiritually, while someone simply don’t have such a need. Why force everyone follow the same path on spiritual quest? Tonight I had wasted 3 hours in yet another tumid meeting regarding the up coming St. Mary fund raising event, which should last no longer than 1 hour. I feel that we have way too many fund raising activities and it really bothers me. I rather spent the time working on my thesis or even sit back to relax a bit. All church activity should be on volunteer basis. Once someone committed the minimum effort, others should not push more works onto his plate than he is willing to take. Making everyone share the equal amount of work doesn’t make sense at all, since everyone’s expectation is different. Some people always complain they had did more work than others. But they gladly signed themselves for the job at first with no one forcing them. They never consider the option of doing less, which is perfectly fine with most people who want less work. Church stuff is not like real work, people don’t get pay for their service and there is no measurement on deliverable. I’m sure God doesn’t care how much time we put in, as long as we had made some effort. Serving God more may indeed accumulate more treasure in the heaven. The question is suppose that every resident of heaven is equally happy eternally, then what is the use of having more treasure if it can’t buy you more happiness?