Learning how to ride a unicycle – day 2

Today I was practicing unicycle at tennis court close to home. An empty tennis court is better than parking lot, especially on a sunny afternoon. I am getting better than last time. I feel more comfortable sitting on the unicycle. I am slowly getting the sense of balance. I can peddle forward a few steps before falling off the unicycle. Of course, one of my hand still hold on to the fence all the time.

Riding unicycle is very different than riding a bicycle. When riding a bicycle, you usually use your whole body weight to help you peddle. However, when riding a unicycle, the body weight always stay on top of the seat. You will lose balance if you transfer too much weight on to the peddle. You have to unlearn the body motion of riding a bicycle.

Learning unicycle inspire me a few lessons of life that I can apply them to my daily life. It seems counter-intuitive at first, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense. When you are sitting on a wobbling unicycle, it is human nature to grab something to feel secure. There is a natural tendency to grab on the seat handle. It is a bad idea, you should spread out your arms to help you balance instead. The first lesson is hang on something does not mean you are secured, if the thing you try to hang on needs you to keep it balance.

Many beginners like to look down at the wheel which supports you and which you suppose to keep it up right. However looking down will throw you off balance. Stop paying attention to where you are, focus on your destination and you will be there. The second lesson is don’t let your mind blogged down by everyday details, think about the big picture and the small things will sort themselves out.

Since I am still a learner, I hold on to the fence all the time. Sometimes when I am peddling forward, I am too scare to let go of my hand off the fence. As a result the wheel rotation forward while my hand is stilling holding to the same position of the fence, my body is twisted and I am off balance. The third lesson is if you want to move forward, you have to stop holding the same spot.

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