WordPress 3.0

I am using WordPress for my blog. WordPress just released 3.0 Last month. I have been putting the upgrade on hold for a while since I was too busy at work and at home. I finally have some time to backup the database, the blog installation directory and upgrade my WordPress installation.

It is a push-button upgrade. New version is downloaded and installed in my server without any trouble. Except the Easy Adsense plug-in seems keep corrupting my layout. Everything works fine after I disable that plug-in. WordPress 3.0 is not much difference from 2.9.x on the surface. The only new feature that I use is get the short link button. I am using a custom theme, so the new 2010 them with configurable header image and background is none of my concern. The new custom taxonomies feature is very powerful, especially creating page with different page types, but I don’t see any use in my blog. I have got around to setup the new custom menu feature. I am using pages as my menu and I am not planning for a change.

I upgraded my Atahualpa to the last version which works with WordPress 3.0. I spent a few minutes cleaning up how pictures is displayed in the sidebar. I setup different sidebars in the posts than the one used in the front pages. The major change is adding the series plug-in. This plug-in groups multiple posts into a series and insert series navigation links in the posts and in the sidebar. I uninstalled the twitter plug-in, since I don’t really use twitter.

I think my blog is up to date and pretty good for now. I don’t have plan for any major upgrade in near future.

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