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WordPress 3.0

I am using WordPress for my blog. WordPress just released 3.0 Last month. I have been putting the upgrade on hold for a while since I was too busy at work and at home. I finally have some time to backup the database, the blog installation directory and upgrade my WordPress installation.

It is a push-button upgrade. New version is downloaded and installed in my server without any trouble. Except the Easy Adsense plug-in seems keep corrupting my layout. Everything works fine after I disable that plug-in. WordPress 3.0 is not much difference from 2.9.x on the surface. The only new feature that I use is get the short link button. I am using a custom theme, so the new 2010 them with configurable header image and background is none of my concern. The new custom taxonomies feature is very powerful, especially creating page with different page types, but I don’t see any use in my blog. I have got around to setup the new custom menu feature. I am using pages as my menu and I am not planning for a change.

I upgraded my Atahualpa to the last version which works with WordPress 3.0. I spent a few minutes cleaning up how pictures is displayed in the sidebar. I setup different sidebars in the posts than the one used in the front pages. The major change is adding the series plug-in. This plug-in groups multiple posts into a series and insert series navigation links in the posts and in the sidebar. I uninstalled the twitter plug-in, since I don’t really use twitter.

I think my blog is up to date and pretty good for now. I don’t have plan for any major upgrade in near future.

horace.org spring renovation

Winter is over, spring has come.  Time is passing fast, a quarter of the year already over.  One of my new year resolution is to renovate my website.  It is about time to start my spring renovation project.  Just like any other project, renovating horace.org is temporary endeavor with an end time.  I have to list the scope of work, a clear objective and a feasible work plan.  If I do not have any plan, this project may drag on forever and never get done.  Here is the first cut of my work plan:

  1. Update wordpress to 2.7.1 – done
  2. Install useful plugins and widgets to aid my work and enhance the presentation of the site. 
  3. Change the theme and give the website a new look.  I should not repeat the mistake of creating a theme from scratch like last time.  It is too time consuming, I should install a ready made theme and custom it for my taste.
  4. Manage the categories.  I will split category to have a better organization of my blog entries.  I shall finally fill in the category description.
  5. Update the links on my blog.  It is very out of date.
  6. Add tags to old articles to aid reader navigate my site.
  7. Update the static pages in the site and finish writing the information page.
  8. Changing the books and anime page to a database format (considering)
  9. Install a wiki to use as a knowledge management system for my philosophy studies.


I don’t quite like the idea of blogging a few years back then. I thinked homepage is a homepage, dairy is a dairy, journal is a journal; what’s the point of mixing them up? Gradually more anad more people keep their own blog and I sorta change my attitude towards it. Finally I came to a point realizing blog just as a CMS (content management system) to keep track of daily writing, and decided to join the dark side of bloggers. I just installed this blog system, WordPress, after seeing a live demo from my friend. I hope to write something down everyday as a way to my dump mind. So that I don’t have to dump it to JuJu over our daily phone call and bored her to complain about my uninteresting talks