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carrot and stick

I got my market adjustment number today, not very satisfying, and it’s partly related to last year’s performance review. I don’t think I am doing exceptionally well and I got myself exposed to some political turmoils in the project, so the upcoming is kinda expectable. Even though the manager promise another adjustment in 3 months time if I am up to his expectation, I am not too warm about this carrot. 3 months time is not very long, I think I can keep my head down and just do my work. I kinda feel bad that when I work really hard and got good review, nothing happened due to the bad economy. The credits vanished got after walking into one bomb and another stupidly. I have to learn the lesson and try to avoid making the same mistake again. We’ll see what is going to happen in 3 months, that would be more a proof for myself, just like finishing the master degree, rather than for the compensation.