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I had a tour in the Wipro campus today, which is next door to our office.  Wipro is the biggest outsourcing company in India.  The campus is hugh, looks kinda like a small university.  Maybe not as nice as the Microsoft campus, but sure it is impressive.  I went to have lunch in the Wipro cafeteria with some of my Indian colleagues.  They are still serve only Indian food in the Wipro cafe but at least I have different variety.  I can choose north Indian cruise or south Indian cruise and most important of all non-veg dishes.  I ordered a butter chicken and it taste quite good.  Maybe I just missed meat too much.

Bangalore becomes the IT capital of India is probably thanks to Wipro.  Actually someone ever say Wipro starts the whole outsourcing industry.  The headquarter of Wipro is in Bangalore.  It now moved to a better building in town, but I saw the first very Wipro building in the Wipro campus.  To my surprise, Wipro is not only an IT house, it has business in many industries, such as building machinery, selling cooking oil, baby food, etc.  The IT department is the only business section of Wipro known by people outside of India.