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Athlete’s foot

In tracks and fields who will win and who will lose is determine even before athletes is born. That’s why it is not true sport, it is merely a whole bunch of people exercising at the place. On the other hand, the ball is round, you never know who is going to win until the last minute. Only games that require skills and have element of surprise are true sports.

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soccer shoes

Today I went to Richmond to get soccer equitment with Jackson out of the blue. I didn’t plan to go, but somehow I just bump into Jackson on his way out and decided to tag along for the discount. I end up bought a soccer t-shirt, a pair of shoes and a pair of socks for almost a hundred buck. Since I had invested so much in soccer gears, I gota use them more often to get the worth out of them. The shoe we went to is a speciality store only sells soccer related stuff. I wonder, how can it survive in this niche market. My guess is that the owner is a soccer fans himself and the store runs like a hobby more than a business.


I used to had a prejustice on soccer, somehow I always thought soccer is not fun, just a whole bunch of guys chasing the ball. I think it’s partly due to the bad experience I had back in Lasalle. When I was young, I can’t run and I don’t have any training on soccer skills. When I played soccer in P.E. lesson, I end up not having much action. Tonight I played a soccer game with friends the first timeafter so many years, and I found I actually like it. I think partly it is because this time it’s an indoor game and we have plenty of subsitute players, so I don’t have to run that hard. Most players are inexperience, I’m not the worst one. There some other players about my level. The biggest difference is I treated the game differently. Now when I am getting old, all I want is just some excerise that I can run around and sweat alot. Getting control of the ball and score goals is no longer my focus. Even I got the ball, I’ll probably lose it if I try to push in myself. So I just have some fun, ran up and down, while trying to block the attack of other team. I think I like the feeling of stealing the ball from other players. I know I’m not the type who can score and be the hero of the team. Playing middle field defense, pass the ball to the front and occationally get a kick on rebounce suits me. I’m going to buy a pair of soccer shoes and socks for the next game. I think Pat would say I’m become more manly after playing soccer.