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Camp visit

Pat goes to the WCCCLC camp again this year and help out by being a group facilitator. I am exempted from going to the camp this year thanks to SoB’s and Derek’s visit. Still I drove in to give Pat moral support today. The camp site is not very far away, just outside of Chilliwack, took me 1 hours to get there. One of the special feature of tonight’s program is World Youth Day sharing. There are 6 people in the camp went to WYD this year, including myself, and two of them I never met before. Due to the extra two people, the sharing ran overtime and we have to cut back the words we originally planned to say. I made a conclusion on the pilgrimage with focus on God’s blessing. I will elaborate more on that when I write my article on the afterthoughts of WYD.

Finally I had received my iPod shuffle today in mail. When I got a call from the rental office saying there is a parcel waiting for me, I have no clue what I will receive. It has been so long since I open a bank account in TD just to get the free iPod shuffle, and I already gave up my home of getting the iPod, thought something has screwed up in the process. Anyways, now I have my first mp3 player, and I can say goodbye to burning CD. I must admit the design of Apple is very impressive, the iPod is nicely packaged. Even open the box taking out the iPod is such a pleasant experience. All the components sits nicely in their individual air tight seals, unlike other mp3 players that only sit in plastic bags in foam boxes.

In addition, I came across a wonder website www.pplive.com. This site broadcast TV channels from China live, including TVB and ATV. All you need to download their software than serve as a peer-to-peer middle man between the streaming server and your media player. The quality is quite good, some channels even in par with TV. Definitely worth to give it a try.