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Reinstall Windows

After I upgraded my motherboard and add a couple of new hard disk, I have been spending most of my time installing Windows XP and applications.  I didn’t keep track of how many times I reboot my computer over the weekend.  Somehow many software require you to reboot after installation, probably the software want to run a daemon as background service.  Why can’t Windows just dynamically load those daemon software just like Linux?

When I prepare applications installations, I look into my downloaded software library.  I found most of my download are out of date, there are already newer releases out there.  So I have to hunting down the necessary torrents to update my software library.  Once a software is installed, usually I won’t have the motivation to upgrade to the latest release.  I am afraid that the upgrade may breaks something that is already working fine.  Setting up the computer doesn’t take very long provide all the software are ready in hands.  Probably it had only took me only two nights to get my computer fully operational.

New my computer is back on line, I can spend my time writing reviews and comment the world affairs.  I have to finish an anime review and two book review before I fly to India.  I would also like to make comments on the photo incident in HK and new year transportation mess in China.  Oh, maybe I should voice my opinion on the US election.  FYI, I support John McCain, stay tune for my reason.