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31st Jul 2005 - 07:43pm Daily Scribble
I cannot stand long hairs, especially in the forehead. When hair gets into my eyes, they will get watery and red, make me very uncomfortable. I was hoping to get a haircut before I leave for Germany, but couldn’t find the time for the past…

Bacholer Party

30th Jul 2005 - 10:25pm Daily Scribble
Tonight is Stuart’s bachelor party. It is one of the most boring bachelor party I had went to. I knew it would be like that, but wouldn’t expect it will end this early. We can even catch the final Skytrain home. The groom can’t…


29th Jul 2005 - 08:30pm Daily Scribble
Haven’t have time to write my blog for the past few days. My San Jose business trip is brutal. Don’t even think about saving money for the company, you deserve the most comfortable trip within your signing authority. If anyone go…

San Jose Trip

27th Jul 2005 - 12:15pm Daily Scribble
I am flying down to San Jose on unplanned business trip. One of the designer down there is leaving the company, and he holds some critical information of the project we are working on. So the company fly three of us down to SJ to get as much knowledge…

Return of Pat

25th Jul 2005 - 09:54pm Daily Scribble
Finally Pat will come back to Vancouver tomorrow and I can be relief from the duty of taking care of Charlie. I miss my own place and my bed. I have been taking good care of Charlie. I walked him everyday and play fetch the ball with him on weekends.…

WYD fund raising

24th Jul 2005 - 08:43pm Daily Scribble
Finally I know the amount we got for the WYD fund raising after several months of hard work. Each person will get roughly $500 from St. Paul in check. The group leader had keep tracked of the number of hours spent by each person, and in total I had…


23rd Jul 2005 - 09:59pm Daily Scribble
Today must be a good day in Chinese calender. I know two couples from church pick the today for their wedding. I couldn’t go to both of their ceremony, so I have to choose between them. The one I went to is pretty standard, marriage mass at…

Left or right

22nd Jul 2005 - 07:28pm Daily Scribble
When I am searching for power socket format used in Europe, I came across an interesting article on origin of driving direction. Some countries drive on the left hand side of the road, which is Japan, UK and its former colonies, and the rest of…

Cell phone

21st Jul 2005 - 07:58pm Daily Scribble
I forgot to bring my cell phone to work in two consecutive days. I have a habit put all the stuff I have to bring everyday in one spot, and put everything into my pockets in the morning blindly. If I don’t see the thing, there is a high chance…


20th Jul 2005 - 08:42pm Daily Scribble
The schedule of the project at work is really bad. My part has been slipped for almost 3 weeks already. I suppose to have 1.5 months to verify my block before I take off for vacation. However my work depends on the deliverable from other team members.…
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