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Haven’t have time to write my blog for the past few days. My San Jose business trip is brutal. Don’t even think about saving money for the company, you deserve the most comfortable trip within your signing authority. If anyone go to the Santa Clara office, never stay in Holiday Inn Express, pick Marriott instead, at least you won’t get smelly smoking rooms and noisy kids from next door. I can sense the moral of Santa Clara office is really low. With the recovering job market down in Silicon Valley, I wonder how long before the only remaining key person will leave. Let’s hope I don’t have to fly down for another brain dump. These kind of less than 48 hours trip is not very fun.

I had dinner with Derek, LokShun and SoB on the one and only one evening I stayed in San Jose. It’s great to chat with old friends. In late September, Mingwai will come to San Jose, and I will fly down to meet him. He is the only one I havn’t seen in the past few years as he missed both Derek and Ching’s wedding.

Finally I move back to my home. It took me almost an hour to load all the stuff from my car back to my apartment. I had gather a lot more stuff during my 5 weeks stay at Pat’s place. I spent two hours this afternoon clean up my place before moving back. I hasn’t do any house work for almost half a year, it’s really really dirty. Now my place feel clean and tidy. I am only manage to set up my computer tonight. I think I will unpack the clothes tomorrow since it’s getting pretty late and I’m quite tired already.

I had planned a BBQ for dogs and dog lovers tomorrow. The hidden agenda is to introduce my cute little cousin to one of the less fortunate colleague who is still single. The reaction of the BBQ is not very positive. Many people who is afraid of dogs or whose girlfriend is afraid of dogs would not come. At last minute, one of the dog owners ditched us to go to a baby shower. In addition, I’m very busy this week preparing for my Germany trip, moving back to my own place and be a groomsman of a friend’s wedding. Time wise, it would be better for me simply call it off. Too bad that the chance letting the dogs meet each others is wasted There are 5 dogs in total, one chiwawa, two golden retrivers, and two American husky. It would be really fun if the BBQ is held as planned. One thing I don’t understand is why someone is afraid of dogs. Even though a dog may look vicious, the mind should control the heart to overcome the fear as it is known that a dog can’t fight against a man. I used to a little bit afraid of dogs, but now I grow accustom to them already. I gotta find a way cure my friends’ dog-phobia problem.

Return of Pat

Finally Pat will come back to Vancouver tomorrow and I can be relief from the duty of taking care of Charlie. I miss my own place and my bed. I have been taking good care of Charlie. I walked him everyday and play fetch the ball with him on weekends. I even give him a field trip, bought him along to a friend’s BBQ party in Richmond. Sometimes I wish the dog can be more obedience, especially when I am walking him, but in general he is a good boy. Charlie is pretty smart, when his bowl runs out of water or he wants to go out to pee at night, he will poke me with his nose. I think we are going along pretty well, so it won’t be a problem of becoming his step-father.


It was Jason’s birthday today, we go to have dinner in Richmond to celebrate his big day, then head to Jason’s place to continue the party. The night was fun, we had karaoke, mahjong, poker and lots of beer. Out of co-incident, it is Steven’s girlfriend’s birthday too. Steven made several cheese cake to share with everyone. I had a good time until the moment I go home and open the door. I found out Charlie had shited in the living room. The ground zero is stink like hell. I instantly waked up from my half drunk state. I called Pat for help at once. She instructed me how to clean up the most disgusting I had ever clean up. After almost 20 minutes of hard work, the stains almost go away. I have to clean it one more time after the carpet is dry off tomorrow. To punish the bad behavior of Charlie, I’m going to lock him outside tonight. The moral of this story is never leave the dog unattended inside the house. Should not have any mercy of locking it outside and let it shive in cold when you are away.


Haven’t seen my aunties and cousins for quite a long time. I was always too busy to visit them. Tonight, finally I have time and bother enough to call them up for dinner. It’s surprise to me that I learn one of my cousin is getting marry next year. Actually, it’s not too surprising, she is slightly younger than me and have been going out with her boyfriend for quite some time already, it’s about time for them. That would be the first wedding among all my cousins and could be quite interesting. Somehow I always have an impression my cousins are very young, and I didn’t realize they are already 25, just a few years younger than me. Since I had mentioned about age, one of my cutest little cousin is still single. I have been thinking of introducing her to my colleagues. There are quite a few single guys in my company and I think at least two of them will make good husband, although probably not good boyfriend, because they are too boring. If we are have a BBQ event with dogs, my cousin can bring her dogs along to introduce her dog to another America Esikimo. Gota mention that my cute little cousin is going to be a dancer in the Vancouver singing contest, just this point alone should raise the interest of those guys.