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Apple and Creative

31st May 2006 - 07:28pm Daily Scribble
I read in the news about the lawsuit of Creative suiting Apple over some user interface pattern related to iPod. In the article, it is interesting to learn back in 2001, before Apple release its first iPod, it wanted to license the hardware from…


30th May 2006 - 09:00pm Daily Scribble
I attended a very rare event tonight. My friend is ordinated as a Catholic priest. A Catholic priest cannot get marry, so the importance of ordination is equivalent to his wedding. Actually it is even more important, become a priest also marks…

Primary schoolmate

29th May 2006 - 08:17pm Daily Scribble
Tonight I went out to have a drink with two old old friends. They are my primary schoolmates. One of them used to be my best buddy in primary school, although I havn’t keep in touch with him for a almost 5 years. He visited Vancouver for a few…


27th May 2006 - 08:27pm Daily Scribble
I have wasted the whole afternoon watching clips on Youtube. I have been watching clips on this website for a few months, but never look at it seriously. The video clips I watched mostly are links posted to various forums. This website is popular…

Bus Uncle Karaoke MTV

26th May 2006 - 10:01pm Daily Scribble
This is probably the best remix of the Bus Uncle movie, Karaoke MTV…


26th May 2006 - 09:52pm Daily Scribble
My idea about combining Risk and Monopoly is getting some traction. During the lunch, my friends show great interest in this new game and we came up with many great ideas. This get me start to think about it seriously. In the afternoon, I did some…

selling toys

25th May 2006 - 07:43pm Daily Scribble
Finally, after procastinated for over 2 months, I had posted some of my unwanted toys on eBay last week. The auctions end today, half of the items are sold. The macross toys are very popular, I am able to make a small profit on all of them. Even the…

Bus uncle

24th May 2006 - 08:22pm Daily Scribble
Lately, a video clip taken by a cell phone is very popular in HK. The clip is knowned as the “Bus Uncle”. It is about a middle age man swearing and scolding a young guy who asked him to lower his voice on phone on a bus. I have watched the…

Da Vinci aftermath

23rd May 2006 - 07:04pm Daily Scribble
Today the movie Da Vinci’s code has became one of the most talked topics at work. Apparently many people has already seen the movies over the opening weekend. It seems many of them shares the same disappointment as I do. Somehow the conversation…

Harmless Man

22nd May 2006 - 06:23pm Daily Scribble
There are many types of friends, for some of them, you don’t even know you can actually call them friends, but they are not merely acquaintance. I have a friend havn’t keep in touch for a few years come to Vancouver for a bussiness…
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