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Visual Basic in Excel

28th Feb 2007 - 09:50pm Daily Scribble
I have to create a table to present some complicate data at work.  The different sections in the table are included or excluded depends on different configurations.  It would be too overwhelming and confusing to write a static table and then…

The World is Flat 世界是平的 – Thomas L. Friedman

27th Feb 2007 - 09:26pm 書評


25th Feb 2007 - 06:16pm Daily Scribble
After waiting for almost half a year, I finially received the title of professional engineer.  (P.Eng.)  I thought I would recieve a welcome letter and the registration package to inform my credential is approved, instead it is the invoice…

香港三部曲 – 陳冠中

25th Feb 2007 - 12:26am 書評
我在網上書店郵賺陳冠中的「我這一代香港人」 時﹐發現很多讀者也同時訂購了他的另一部小說「香港三部曲」。在網上好像也看過這小說的介紹﹐說寫得不錯﹐反正要賺物滿一定限額才可以免郵費﹐想不到購買什麼其他書的情況下﹐便順手買了這本小說。原本以為小說名稱叫三部曲﹐一定會是本長篇小說﹐寄到後才發現全書不足二百頁﹐只不過是三篇沒有關連的短篇小說的結集﹐有點被騙錢的感覺。陳冠中擅長寫香港文化﹐「我這一代香港人」的性質半散文半論文比較嚴肅﹐「香港三部曲」則以輕鬆的手法﹐從側面去描寫香港文化的轉變。書中的三個故事分別發生在崇洋風氣漸起的七十年代﹐經濟起飛的八十年代﹐以及回歸後老懵董的年代。三個故事的主角都不屬於香港社會的主流文化﹐從某程度上他們是主流眼中的失敗者。然而作者借用他們三人的眼睛﹐從他們的另類價值觀出發﹐與主流意識作一個對照﹐讓讀者從字裏行間中反思自己的價值取向。…

Lock Picking

22nd Feb 2007 - 08:07pm Product Reviews
A couple of weeks ago, Pat carelessly locked herself outside her home.  She have to call the lock smith to open the door.  It is about 5 minutes of work from the lock smith and he charged a ridiculous price $50.  It doesn’t look that hard…

Bluetooth Headset

21st Feb 2007 - 10:07pm Product Reviews
My new Treo 680 has built-in bluetooth connection, which is pretty much a standard feature of all new cell phones. To get the most out of my new phone, I set out to buy a bluetooth headset so that I can talk wirelessly. I browsed alot bluetooth headsets…


20th Feb 2007 - 09:23pm Daily Scribble
Maybe I am a bit out of date about the internet culture of this generation. I have seen the word “Orz” used here and there, I sort of know it express the feeling of frustration and depression. Today, I finally know its true meaning…


19th Feb 2007 - 10:29pm 電影

Kung Hei Fat Choy

18th Feb 2007 - 09:57pm Daily Scribble
Today is the Chinese New Year.  I wish all the readers of my blog a prosperous year of pig.  Here in Vancouver, we don’t really have the atomsphere for celebrating of Chinese New Year, except that the Chinese TV is showing special new…


17th Feb 2007 - 06:57pm Daily Scribble
I have the regular maintance for my Volvo and the dealer gave me a 2007 S60 as the service car.  It is nice able to test drive a S60.  The S60 is smaller than my S70.  Actually it is so small that it doesn’t feel like a Volvo.  The handling…
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