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哲學功課: Tom Regan’s Argument on Animal Rights

31st Aug 2007 - 06:23pm 哲學
In Tom Regan’s “The Case for Animal Rights”, he argues the rights theory is the most satisfactory moral theory to justify the goals of animal rights movements (p.393). In this paper, I will examine Regan’s argument and show the rights…

哲學功課: Don Marquis’s view on the Morality of Abortion

31st Aug 2007 - 06:16pm 哲學
In Don Marquis’ paper “An Argument that Abortion is Wrong”, he argues abortion is morally wrong for the same reason as murder. His argument is different from the standard pro-life argument that stress that the fetus is both human and…

(fluff)Friends on Facebook

30th Aug 2007 - 08:48pm Daily Scribble
I finally create a fluff in Facebook of my own. The idea of fluff is not new, Tamagochi pioneered the market of virtual pet. Linking up your virtual pet with virtual the pets of your friends over the internet is also not new, Sony had made the now…

Toastmaster education series

29th Aug 2007 - 08:31pm Daily Scribble
I am elected the VP of education of the Toastmaster club at work.  The role of VP education is to help the club member become a better speaker.  Although I am half way through the advance speaker bronze program, I don’t think I can make…

iPhone hack

28th Aug 2007 - 07:58pm Daily Scribble
A 17 years old kid hacked the iPhone, making phone call using networks other than AT&T is already old news. There is also an alternative hack fooling the iPhone using a turbo SIM that pretends to be a AT&T SIM card. I have quite some friends…

基督教思想史第一部 – 第二章﹕基督論問題

27th Aug 2007 - 09:46pm 宗教

Organic farm tour

26th Aug 2007 - 08:23pm Daily Scribble
Today was the old boys annual summer picnic. The president is owner of an organic farm and he let us use his place farm for BBQ. After the BBQ, we had a tour inside the farm. Modern farming is a capital intensive business with lots of agricultural…

Hot air balloon crash

25th Aug 2007 - 10:48am Daily Scribble
Yesterday, there was a horrible hot air balloon accident in Vancouver. The balloon catch fire after take off, burst into flames and dropped 8 meter to the ground. A propane tank was heated shot up in the sky and exploded, torched several motor…


23rd Aug 2007 - 09:31pm Daily Scribble
There are some cost you cannot avoid, going to optometrist is one of those.  I wanted to get a pair of new glasses.  Not because I can’t see clearly with my old glasses, but rather want to get a new look.  I thought my original sight prescription…

The Riches 富貴浮雲

22nd Aug 2007 - 07:37pm 電視
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