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Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security — Benjamin Franklin


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Boast about the past

31st Jan 2008 40 3 Daily Scribble
Old man loves to boast about their past, telling stories about their gold days.  Pat’s dad used to serve in the army, he always tell us his army stories.  He is very proud of he won the first place in the army shooting competition.  Unfortunately…


30th Jan 2008 49 2 Daily Scribble
It is wise to take immunization and vaccines before traveling to third world countries.  Those places are so poor in hygiene that have many deadly diseases.  I just visited the travel clinic today before my trip to India.  I guess India is…


29th Jan 2008 63 2 Daily Scribble
We have heavy snow fall last night, the streets are covered with snow this morning and the road condition is pretty bad.  Many people left their cars at home and take the sky train to work.  I have to go to downtown this morning, so I am one of the…

Indian Visa

28th Jan 2008 72 2 Daily Scribble
Everyone traveling to India need to apply for a visa.  India is famous for their bureaucracy, so the apply for a visa needs to fill out many forms.  First I have to get two Indian passport size photo, which is difference size than a Canadian passport. …

Honey Moon Planning

27th Jan 2008 50 0 Daily Scribble
Honey moon is the most important part of getting marry.  The wedding day is more an event for family and friends, and for the formality and paper works.  The honey moon is the enjoying experience for the newly wed couple.  I am assigned the…

Hit and run

26th Jan 2008 45 5 Daily Scribble
Today I have a mysterious hit and run.  I was driving on the Sea to Sky Highway coming back from Whistler.  The road condition was pretty bad, it was snowing and the road is icy.  I drove slowly and very careful.   There was a pickup truck in…

Booking my flight to India

24th Jan 2008 52 4 Daily Scribble
This afternoon, I was booking my flight to India.  There are not many airlines flying direct to Bangalore.  I am not adventure enough to take an internal flight inside India, so my options are limited. The most straight forward path is taking…

Big endian vs little endian

23rd Jan 2008 149 1 Daily Scribble
The endian is one of the most confusing concept in computer design. I remember it took me so long to remember their difference in year 1 computer course and then I forget which one is which shortly.  The endian answers the question what is the…


22nd Jan 2008 176 1 電影
Rob-B-hood 以前成年的電影﹐拍出來總是像倒模一樣﹐套套差不多﹐看多了也覺得悶。今次「寶貝計劃」狀態大勇﹐給人耳目一新的感覺。可愛趣緻的嬰兒誰不愛看﹐想出把嬰兒和動作電影﹐兩樣不干相的東西加來坐的這個編劇應記一功。電影有老中青三代男演員﹐許冠文﹐成龍﹐古天樂﹐不過最搶鏡的還是那個嬰兒﹐他才是這套戲的真正男主角。…


21st Jan 2008 325 2 電影
Beaty Chef 荷里活的爛片也有三斤釘﹐但始終是大製作靚特技﹐尚餘不少觀賞價值。香港爛片則糙製濫造﹐內容無聊低俗﹐免費下載也嫌浪費硬碟空間﹐更不要說浪費時間看。看後完想寫點評論﹐除了盡情地狂罵勁踩外﹐基本上沒有什麼好寫。…
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