traffic ticket

I had my speed ticket disputed today, by luck the cop didn’t show up and I’m free of charge. I think the whole speeding ticket system is a scam of the government to make money. I got ticket on the down hill section of Boundary Road on a fine sunday by speed traps. It is almost guarantee every driver will be over the ridiculously low speed limit on that section. The police just stop whoever coming down and issue the tickets, what a easy way to make quick bucks. By disputing the ticket, not only you have a chance to walk away free, you are making sure the government cannot profit from this scam. In a long run, if everyone dispute their tickets, they will stop issuing all the unnecessary tickets, and put the police force into better use, such as catching criminals. To learn more about how to fight a traffic ticket and why the current ticket system doesn’t server the good public, please visit here

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