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California Proposition 2

In the US election, the voters not only vote for the president. They also vote for many other things. In some states, they vote for senators, in other states, they have referendum on new legislation. In California, proposition 8 snatch many headlines. Over half of the voters made the right decision to ban gay marriage. Homosexual is usually one of my favorite topics, but this time I am more interesting in proposition 2, banning inhumane treatment of farm animals.

Proposition 2 make it a legal requirement to give farm animal more space. Over 60% of California voters agree with the proposition. I always know California is a left leaning country, but I am quite surprise many people actually vote yes on this proposition. The obvious impact of this law would be price hike on meat and egg products. Modern farms operates on lean efficiency of lowering the cost of producing meat, increase space given to animals translate to higher cost. The cost will pass along to the consumers. The current economy is on the blink of recession, any increase on food price will affect the living standard of many people. The voters are unreasonable to vote against their wallet. On the worse case scenario, this law would kill half of the California farming industry as the increase cost make them less competitive against out of states producers. It seems the voters became the victims of brain washing propaganda of the animal rights interest groups. They gotta ask themselves a fundamental question, why is it wrong to have inhumane treatment of the animals? By definition, animals are not human, so they deserve inHUMANe treatments. Animals are our food, we should care how much they cost, are they healthy to us and most important of all, how do they taste. How they are produce should be none of our concern.

Florda teacher case

In the news, there is a24 years old female teacher in Florida charged of having sex with her 14 years old student. This news brings some discussion to the Lasallian email group. Someone us believe that she should be free of charge, something is seriously wrong with the US law regarding minimum legal age of having sex. It is out of question that her act is indecent and unprofessional. The school board should fire her for violated the teacher’s conduct. However citizen’s private life is not the business of the government and she shouldn’t trialed with criminal charges. Protecting the minor from sexual abuse is good, but in this case I don’t think that 14 years old boy was hurt in this incident. He is old enough to be responsible for his own decision of having sex with his teacher. I will have different opinion if the teacher is a man and the student is a 14 years old. The boy probably had sexual experience with girls at his age already. How his relationship with his teacher hurts him, and what does the law protect him from?

traffic ticket

I had my speed ticket disputed today, by luck the cop didn’t show up and I’m free of charge. I think the whole speeding ticket system is a scam of the government to make money. I got ticket on the down hill section of Boundary Road on a fine sunday by speed traps. It is almost guarantee every driver will be over the ridiculously low speed limit on that section. The police just stop whoever coming down and issue the tickets, what a easy way to make quick bucks. By disputing the ticket, not only you have a chance to walk away free, you are making sure the government cannot profit from this scam. In a long run, if everyone dispute their tickets, they will stop issuing all the unnecessary tickets, and put the police force into better use, such as catching criminals. To learn more about how to fight a traffic ticket and why the current ticket system doesn’t server the good public, please visit here