Saskatoon day three

Today is yet another busy working day just like yesterday. After work I went to tour the Campus of University of Saskatoon. The school buildings is nicely built, all outer wall are covered with bricks to give a similar look. There is also an exhibition of dinosaur fossils in the geology building. The collection is quite impressive, including a complete skeleton of a T-Rex. I was wandering in the campus looking for food, unfortunately all the cafe are closed in the summer term. As I keep walking, eventually I was lost in the maze of corridors between buildings and couldn’t navigate my way back to my car. That force me to do a very un-manny act, that is ask for direction. The student I met is really nice, he even walked me back to the parking lot. After that I headed towards the downtown area continue my search for food. The downtown mall has the exact layout of the Coquitlam center, even the shops are quite similar, the usual name brand stores. Since there was not hing interesting to see inside the mall, I head off to the street. I came across another used book store, which is as big as a Chapters, and naturally I went in and treasure hurt old books. Saw several interesting titles, but I have to restiate myself from buying any books or my luggage will be overweight. After got kicked out from the store when they are closed, I had dinner at the bar and grill at street corner. Food here in Saskatoon is cheap, about cost 20-30% less than Vancouver. Tomorrow I will be flying back to Vancouver, and definitely I won’t miss this boring town. Pat had asked me to take some pictures, too bad that I didn’t bring my camera with me. Even if I had my camera, there is nothing much worthy seeing in Saskatoon anyways.

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