home sweet home

After a week long business trip, finally I can sleep comfortably at my own bed tonight. Saskatoon is really the most boring city I had ever visited, although I haven’t visited many cities really. I think I had left foot prints on all shopping area in Saskatoon, where isn’t that many. It took only half hour to drive the circular highway surrounding the city once. The flight back is pretty smooth. Although lack of meal provided, I like Westjet better than Air Canada. The flight is more comfortable. The plane has leather seats with individual LCD screen of live TV broadcast. Anyways, my brain couldn’t really function normal after a whole day of travel, it’s time to go to bed. The only thing I learn from this trip other than technical details related to the project is that I hate work travel. The evening is so boring and unproductive in the hotel, I guess it would help if I have a decent laptop. Moreover, I start to see the beauty in building a routine work and life schedule.

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