I finally had my long due haircut this afternoon. I can feel my head is much more comfortable now, the hair is lighter and cooler, won’t get into my eyes all the time. I went to a man only salon that I had visited before. For the last few haircuts, I got dragged by Pat to company her to salon for both gender. I actualy like going to the man only salon. Not only it has computer and male oriented magazines in the waiting area, TV on each hair cutting station. The most important factor is that the hairstylist really understand the decision making process of man. All I have to say is the length and thickness I want, no need to answer weird questions about which style I prefer, or even worse had to pick a style from the magazine. Most man can only see the difference between having hair or not having enough hair. We don’t really care much about hair style, and would feel uneasy on questions about hair style because the lack of knowledge. Especially for male engineers, we really have a problem in making subjective judgments. I can never understand what makes one style better than another, unless someone show me statistics on the popularity of the difference styles. I had read some philosophy on aesthetics, I can understand beauty defined in classical sense, which is based on objective or utility values. Just the beauty defined by popular culture, such as hair style and fashions, doesn’t make any sense to me. Why one way or the other, they are all arbitrary decisions.

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