Haven’t seen my aunties and cousins for quite a long time. I was always too busy to visit them. Tonight, finally I have time and bother enough to call them up for dinner. It’s surprise to me that I learn one of my cousin is getting marry next year. Actually, it’s not too surprising, she is slightly younger than me and have been going out with her boyfriend for quite some time already, it’s about time for them. That would be the first wedding among all my cousins and could be quite interesting. Somehow I always have an impression my cousins are very young, and I didn’t realize they are already 25, just a few years younger than me. Since I had mentioned about age, one of my cutest little cousin is still single. I have been thinking of introducing her to my colleagues. There are quite a few single guys in my company and I think at least two of them will make good husband, although probably not good boyfriend, because they are too boring. If we are have a BBQ event with dogs, my cousin can bring her dogs along to introduce her dog to another America Esikimo. Gota mention that my cute little cousin is going to be a dancer in the Vancouver singing contest, just this point alone should raise the interest of those guys.

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