Wedding planning

No, the title is not what you are thinking. I’m not planning my own wedding yet. Tonight I went to a wedding planning of my friend who is going to marry in August. I will be one of the groomsmen for the couple. It is kinda interesting that I know the couple separately without knowing they are together. I found planning a wedding is quite time involving. It is more than merely a banquet or a ceremony, rather it like a show where the bride and the groom are the leading actors. The planning session is quite messy and the details are full of errors. How can someone plan the groom’s speech after the toast to all the tables? I seriously doubt the groom can still stand straight after forced down so much alcohol at each table, let alone he have to delivery a good and touching speech. The banquet is western style, but they couple choose not to set up a dance floor. What a waste. In my own wedding, I’ll definitely have a dance floor. I will force all my groomsmen and bridesmaids to dancing crush course before hand. I will the power to assign who is going to dance with whom among them. That would be a good opportunity to setup future couples.

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