Florda teacher case

In the news, there is a24 years old female teacher in Florida charged of having sex with her 14 years old student. This news brings some discussion to the Lasallian email group. Someone us believe that she should be free of charge, something is seriously wrong with the US law regarding minimum legal age of having sex. It is out of question that her act is indecent and unprofessional. The school board should fire her for violated the teacher’s conduct. However citizen’s private life is not the business of the government and she shouldn’t trialed with criminal charges. Protecting the minor from sexual abuse is good, but in this case I don’t think that 14 years old boy was hurt in this incident. He is old enough to be responsible for his own decision of having sex with his teacher. I will have different opinion if the teacher is a man and the student is a 14 years old. The boy probably had sexual experience with girls at his age already. How his relationship with his teacher hurts him, and what does the law protect him from?

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