Visit the school clinic at SFU, to see the doctor about my allergies. She gave me some ornment, and I feel better after applying it. I don’t feel that itchy anymore. Allergy is caused by over reaction of the immune system. It seems more and more people are suffering these days, especially in big cities. I suppose that could be fix with genetic engineer or nanobots. In my point of view, allergy is a more serious problem to the first world than other deadly disease to the third world. If international charity pour money into vaccine for those third world disease, why the research for cure of allergy left mainly in the hand of private pharmaceutical companies, which later hugh amount for the medication just because the customer can afford it. I believe it is basic human right to live in an allergy free environment. Compare to the life of third world people, whom shouldn’t come to the world in the first place, the suffering of allergy is indeed a more pressing problem for many people like myself.

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