Tomorrow I will be flying to Germany and started my three weeks pilgrimage to see the Pope in the World Youth Day. As usual I pack my stuff at the night before departure. This time is quite difference from my previous trip. In the past, either I am going back home or go somewhere just for a few days, I can afford to forget to bring something. This time I am going all the way to Europe where I can’t easily get resupplies. So I have to check and double check my to bring list. Before I put the stuff in my new backpack, I was a bit afraid it can’t hold all my stuffs. To my surprise, albeit the main compartment looks kinda small, it fits changing clothes for a whole week. There is no way it can fit two weeks load of clothes, so I will have to do laundary at least once during the Days of Encounter.

I won’t be able to update my blog until I get back from my trip. However I will keep a trip journal in the old fashion pen and paper way and upload to my blog when I am back. See you all in three weeks.

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