Catch up

There are many things I have to catch up after I come back from my trip. One thing is I have to download the mp3 published in boxup while I was away. I found thate Ronald Cheung new CD is really good, almost every song has a good melody. He spent most of his time acting in comedies that makes me forget he is originally a singer. On top of it I have to catch up with my reading of Economist and PC Magazine. I could skip most of the time related news in economist, but the economal analysis has a longer time life that is still applicatable for a while. I had updated the photos of my trip to my photo album, but I had make so many typos in the description that I think I should go over it once more before I share it with my friends.

I still have seen my other luggage, for another 3 more days, I could declare it a lost and claim the insurance. If I could get both $500 from AC and $800 from travel cut, that should be sufficient to cover my lost. However, I rather see my own bag back to save all the troubles of claiming the insurance. I have to file in lots of paper work to get the claim reimbursed, and I doubt the possibility of having the complete amount pay out to me. You know the insurnace companies are always dodgy.

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