Two of my colleagues just bought the PSP, the machine had arrived this week and they brough it in to show us. Their version is slightly different than the one my other colleague got on the first day. This version is hacked and can play downloaded from the memory stick. With unlimit supply of games for free, I guess the handheld game machine is a bargain. I heard that the latest version of PSP had fixed the firmware so the hack is no longer valid. I am quite impressed by the graphics, it is comparable to an average PS2 game. The machine itself is a bit too bad, can’t easily fit inside a pocket. Although the PSP is really nice, I don’t feel the urge to get one. I just can’t find any reason to play games on the go, since I can’t think of when can I play it. I rarely take public transportation. I don’t wait in the line often, if I have to, I will probably forgot to bring the PSP. When I’m on travel, I rather read a book so I don’t have to worry about recharging the battery. Most important, most of the games aviable to PSP are just clones of PS2 games. Until I see a truely ground-breaking game with totally new game play, there is no point to playing similiar games of the same genre on a smaller screen.

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