Lasalle Reunion

It is nice to have a reunion with my Lasalle buddies. This weekend I flew down to the Bay Area just because one of my old friend whom I havn’t met for 8 years come to visit. Last night we went to Karaoke after dinner. I havn’t been to Karaoke for a long time, the last time I went is last year in Ching’s wedding with this exact same group. Since we don’t have any girls in the group, someone has to fake a female voice when singing girl songs. It’s fun, but I bet our singing must be quite horrible.

This morning I went to have a flight with Derek. We took have a aero tour of the Bay Area, and I get to control the plane for a bit. It is the first time I actually fly a airplane. It is harder than I thought, the steering wheel is quite heavy and continously drifting due to heavy wind. I just have to keep the plane straight and turn to the right bearing. Derek is taking care of the throttle control and all those gauges. It’s quite an experience. I had wanted to fly a plane for a long time. One day, when I am settled down I will learn how to fly. I guess I will have to give up my toy collection for flying since it is quite an expensive hobby.

Today is both Mingwai and SoB’s birthday. We have a suprise birthday party for them. We bought them a birthday cake. After singing the birthday songs, we had the tradition Lasallian birthday ritual, which is punching their backs all together. It has been a long time since all of us get together, we talked a lot and had lots of laughs just like the old days.

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