Guy’s talk

I am surprised that a group of guy can talk overnight until 6a.m. I always thought only woman like to chat. All of us gathered in Derek’s place, started with playing PS2, then people gradually lose interest in the game while conversation starts picking up. At first we were disscussing FTBY. Since last time we saw him a year ago, he is growing like a balloon, we gota do something to stop him from gaining more weight and explode. Since the trend had started, we talked the problem of each of us in turns. My problem is obviously I am too childish, everyone including myself agree on that. The one I concern most about is LokShun. I have been worry about his relationships, or the lack of it, since highschool days. We brain stormed to come up with a winning strategy for him to meet his ms. right, but we seriously doubt any girl exists on earth meet all his criterias. I end up only slept for 4 hours before going to church in the morning.

We went to bowling in the afternoon. I havn’t played bowling for a long time. I used to go playing every week with Leon and Andy in university. I am not the best player, although I could still score over 100 points. Yet, my playing style is the best. The way I roll the bowling ball looks like a pro, although I didn’t hit the pins like one. When I played bowling every week, I did make a effort to learn how to look nice. I obversed how the good players play and try to copy their movements, while hitting the pins is a secondary objective. Once again, this agree with Pat’s comment that I only looks good on the outside.

In the evening, half of the group has to fly back or drive back home. The remaining of us go to pickup Mingwai’s girlfriend. His girlfriend is kinda weird. She didn’t speak a word to us in the dinner or when driving them to the hotel. If she hadn’t talk to Mingwai, I will think she is a mute. I wonder, what is the mind of those girls who thinking they are really cool, that even refuse to say hi to her boyfriend’s friends?

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