Thanks to Mingwai’s girlfriend Jophie, we all went to the Snoopy museumat Santa Rosa, where Schulz created most of the Snoopy’s comic strips. There is no way a group of guys will drive 2 hours to the middle of no where to see a cartoon beagle. The museum is not very big, but hosts many Schulz’s original works and his working studio. It is not allowed to take pictures in the museum, since there ain’t many must-see-original things. There is a very big snoopy giftshop next to the museum, which is more interesting than the museum itself. I have to stop myself buying those over priced T-shirts, although I really like the design. I bought Pat some souvenirs from the museum, and solved one of my major assignments of this trip. Too bad we only have an hour to stay in the museum, I couldn’t read all posted comics and the life of Schulz in details. The museum is quite empty, other than another couple, we are the only visitors. I doubt how can the museum support itself if not funded by the Peanuts royalties. I guess the city is more than welcome to have this museum as tourist attaction, otherwise no one will probably visit that place so far away. I can imgaine bus load of Japanese tourist will stop by there on their way from San Franciso to the Northern States. The Japanese are probably more crazy about snoopy than the Americans.

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