This gathering leaves me many valuable memories. It is really nice to meet up with a bunch of old friends, talk about old days, and new problems among ourselves. I am very lucky to have this group of good friends who can share my up and downs, just accept me as who I am. We should bring along our wives and girlfriends in the next gathering, and make it an event for this big family. This long weekend is very relaxing in a way that I don’t have to pretend to be anyone else, but it is also very tried cause I didn’t get enough sleep. I just realized that we havn’t sing the school song this time, but we do up hold another proud Lasalle tradition, the birthday party. Derek already start planning our next gathering. The first gathering has waited 12 years after graduation, still one of us couldn’t make it, and one didn’t care to come. I am looking forward to meet them again next year.

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