Nap time

I was so tired after work today so I took a nap before cooking dinner. I planned to wake up at 7:30p, but end up sleeping until 9p. I havn’t fully recovered from the drain of energy in my reunion trip. Staying up all night for one night needs at least a week of good sleep to recover.

I am reading my cousin YanYan’s blog about Disney, that reminds me a conversation with Derek over the weekend about Disney. Derek is a big fan of Disney. He said Disney symbolize hope and dreams, and he will immerse little Kathryn in the Disney culture for her childhood. I tried to come up with counter agrument on Derek’s comment, but couldn’t objectively discredit Disney. I know I don’t like Disney since childhood, I always feel distaste about their cartoon. The traditional 2D cartoon are totally crap with lots of filler singings. Only the 3D CG cartoon in recent years are worth to watch, but that’s done by Pixar studio, not from Disney’s in house cartoon shop. The hope and dream in Disney is only skin deep, the inside of Disney is a pure captalization machine with sugar coated decoration. I need more time to think about formalizing the bad influent of Disney to little children, so I can presuade responsible parents to keep their chrildren stay away from Disney.

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