Return of my luggage

I have a small good news today, then later I got another better news which turned the first one into a bad news. First the guide book of the Louvre and Orslay Museum finally arrived. Although I pay more for the shipping than the books cost, I am glad that I able to order it over the internet to replace my copy lost by Air Canada.

In the evening, while I was having dinner, I got a call from Air Canada said that my luggage is found and will delivery to me later at night. After it had got missing for a month and a week, I have a mix feeling about the return of my luggage. I had already written it off from my memory and let insurance compensate my lost. It is great to have it back, but it is even better if I could money from both AC and Travelcuts, which is estimated over a thousand dollars. The delivery time is so inconvient that I have to go home early from badminton game, and ended up waiting for two hours. It is really bad service of AC. The wrapping of my backpack is gone, but everyone inside is intacted, including those months old dirty clothes. However my 1L bottle of holy water from Lourdes on outside is gone, probably drunk by someone.

Now I have a dilemma, with the return of my luggage and the museum books within, I end up with an extra copy of those guide books. If anyone is interested having one, please let me know. I am going to sell it at cost, 17 euro.

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