Stay home

I stayed home all day toady, didn’t even leave the door. I would probably enjoy staying home more if I have my own house instead renting a small apartment. Yet, not having to go out for a day is quite nice. The most obvious advantage is I don’t have to get change. Well… that’s not totally correct for today, I did change when walk Pat back to her car. Pat visited me this afternoon and brought along Charlie. Charlie has invaded my place twice already. It is not very bothering to me, except I found the dog seems too big for this small place. I made some good progress in my thesis today, just start running simulation with video trace. I wonder how many days I can stay home without going out at all? The food supply in the fridge should able to last a week. The deciding factor is when I can’t stand confining myself any longer. Too bad that I don’t have enough vacation days to waste to let me find out the answer of this question.

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