I went to Cellar Jazz at Boardway and Almo on friday. This is the first time I go to a jazz lounge, and I found that place is pretty comfortable. Listening to jazz is more for the life style it represent than the appreciation of the music itself. Jazz is commonly associated with the bobo (bourgeois-bohemians) way of living, especially those protiated in HK TVB shows. The atomsphere in Cellar Jazz is very different from the usual bar that only serves alcohol. $10 ticket for whole night of entertainment from an ameture jazz band is reasonable, and the drinks are priced like anywhere else. I like the music from tranditional jazz trio pieces, piano, drums and cello. But that night has added an odd instructment to the show, african drums, I found the sound of african drums doesn’t fit very well to Jazz. I would like to listen to a Jazz band with a Saxophone player next time.

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