When I went to T&T in Metrotown for glocery shopping today, I found out that the chinese bookstores next to the supermarket is closed. There used to be two chinese bookstores next to T&T, one is Taiwan based, and the other one is China/Hong Kong based. When I go to T&T, I usually stop by these two places to check out new books. I don’t like Taiwan books very much. I found there are way too many yet another translated copies or very taiwanized get rich quick books. Althought there are some good writters and a few translated gems, especially on literatures. The China/HK based one sell lots of simplied chinese books, and some first shipment of new HK books. I won’t mind reading simplied chinese, but the paper quality of those books really bothers me. It feel like they are printed on tiolet paper. I had finished reading quite a few books standing right there, but rarely I make a purchase with them. If I can wait, I can always get it cheaper by ordering over the internet. No wonder both of them had to close the doors. I will feel something is missing when I go to T&T for a long while.

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