Mui Garden

Mui Garden is finally reopened. This resturant is the default place to have lunch. When we are out of ideas, we can simply pick it with no objection from anyone. It was closed for a couple of months already. The resturant has posted a notice on the door saying it is closed due to renovation, but I don’t see any work going on every time I go by there. We suspected it got a warning from the health agency and have to close down for inspection. I don’t want to cook tonight, and somehow I wander to Mui to check whether it has reopened without any expectation. To my surprise, it just opened today. Everything, including the menu and the waitress are still the same. I ordered the hainanese chicken I had missed for so long. Maybe I am a long time customer, I got a free upgrade from chicken breast to chicken leg. It is as good as before. Anyways, we don’t have to be troubled by where to go for lunch anymore.

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