24″ widescreen LCD

Today the IT department took back my dual 19″ LCD monitors. They would like me to evaluate the difference between a 24″ widescreen LCD and two 19″ LCD monitors. Costwise, a 24″ cost $1000 while two 19″ cost $900. The resolution of the 24″ is 1960 x 1280, while a 19″ is 1280 x 1024. Two 19″ has more screen area, but it has a stripe right in the middle. My initial feedback depends on what application I am using, each setup has its advantage. Two 19″ is good for using Linux side by side with Critix, since the two monitors are two seperate virtual desktop. A single 24″ is best for viewing waveforms, such that I can see longer period of time in a single screen. Writing code or document doesn’t make a big difference as long as I pull up the reference on the side. It is really a tought call on which setting is better. I am wondering how about a 24″ with a 19″ on the side? I guess that would be asking for too much.

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