Visiting internet forum is my daily habbit. I first heard about TTF throught boxup, the mp3 download site that I get all my mp3 from. Boxup started TTF, later on TTF is spinned off as an independent forum, but they still have close relationship with links to TTF all over boxup’s pages. I have been with TTF for over 5 years, and it is where I get my interest of writing articles. Today I just became a moderator of TTF for their new Anime board. I don’t know why I take up this role, they are asking for moderators for the new Anime board, which is my interest, and I know the super moderator there thru Anime related discussions. So I agree to help him out on the Anime board, and I become a moderator myself. Being a moderator is not much different from a normal user, except a moderator has to delete advertisement, give marks to good posts and participle in the forum, which I do it normally. The only benefit of being a moderator is it satisfy my curiousity, I am finally able to enter the moderator board. To my disappointment, there is nothing interesting to see, mostly are forum businness.

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