Plan B for cooking class

Me and Pat signed up for a cooking class with Chef Eric tonight. The course is on french cruise, a very delicous 6 course dinner. I even send out the course information to my friends, trying to convince them to join us. Other than Verona, none of the guys is interested. They all think the course is too expensive, they could have someone serving the dinner at a nice resturant paying the same price. Oh well, this cooking course is not just to learn how to cook, it is an activity to spend sometime with your other half. All the ingredient are prepared for you. After the dinner, you don’t have to clean up all the mess. You can just enjoy the fun of cooking and the good food. Ok, it maybe not so good if you screwed up. Unfortunately, this morning the cook shop called us to inform us Chef Eric is sick, so the course is cancelled. I am very disappointed, since I am so looking forward to my first cooking class. I end up paying about the same amount to have someone served me and Pat a nice dinner. Heron in Waterfront Fairmount Hotel is highly recommanded, plus they accept the entertainment book, so one of the entree is free!

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