Christmas Spirit

It is Christmas Eve today. Last night when I open an ecard form a friend, suddenly I wanted to send my greetings to all my friends. I don’t like sending out ecard by putting everyone on the cc list. I took the time go thru my address book, personalize each ecard I sent out with related greetings. It took me almost 2 hours to go thru my friend’s list and determine whom I wish to keep in touch with. I am so happy that I received over ten replies this morning. I havn’t talk to some of them for a long time, it is good to heard from them. I think next year, I will try to send real christmas card to some selected ones. I always wanta to send real christmas card, but keep push off to ask for the mailing address until its too late. Maybe next year, I will send out a mass copy email in october, and ask anyone who wish to receive a real card from me response with their address.

Tonight I have home made dinner with Pat and her family. After washing the dishes, we played the Dogoploy game I bought Pat, which is a Monoploy with breeds of dogs replacing properties. It’s kinda fun to play silly games sometimes. At the end I went bankrupt by stepping on Pat’s Golden Retriever. I joke that since I can’t afford the rent, I will pay it with myself. How ironic.

We went to midnight mass at St. Mark’s college in UBC. It’s a long drive but the atomsphere is quite nice. Pat may not agree with this, but in my opinion going to church in Christmas and Easter is the absolute mininium requirement of being a Catholic. I really like going to midnight mass, and listening to the all familiar christmas songs. The carol I like most is “O Holy Night”, probably rooted in my mind from the the movie Home Alone when I watched as a little kid.

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