Family party

This christmas, I have a warm house gathering with my mom, my two aunties and my cousins. My thin auntie has prepared a very delicious dinner together with my mom. After dinner, we just hang around waiting for the dessert, watched TV and sing old songs karaoke. The night is quite relaxing, me and Pat enjoy the good food including abalone, bordeaux red wine and sallow nest. My only complain is there is a small dog I allergic to at thin auntie’s plase. I tried to get dog stay away from me for the whole night. At the end I still have some mild rash on my face. I hope after taking some medication, it will disappear tomorrow morning. I am fine with big dogs, like Pat’s golden retriver, but I don’t like small dogs. Not only they will cause allergy to me, they are so annoying. Whenever I see a small dog, I am so tempted to kick it. It just looks like a fur ball ask to be kicked right at the stomach.

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