Waterloo Buddy

Two of my Waterloo buddies visited me this christmas holidays. To be exact, they come over to have a ski trip in Whislter and crash in my place. I havn’t seen them for years, we used to live very close to each other in Mississauga. Together with another Waterloo friend visiting his girlfriend in Vancouver, four of us drove off to Whislter to have our first ski this season. The snow condition is not very great, it is too foggy up in the top, and worse there is no enough snow, we cannot ski all the way down to the village. I keep hearing praise about Whistler from my buddies comparing it to the ski resorts back east. I guess I quite spoiled by Whislter and take it for granted. This year, I found my skill has improved comparing to last season, my balance and movement is getting better. On our way to and from Whislter, my friends keep telling me stroies about their jobs in ATI. Now, I realise PMC is not very bad after all, there is some other company has much worse practise.

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