Boxup to Coxoo

Boxup is the source of all my mp3, I have been downloading mp3 from it for several years. Its service is excellent, with large songs collection, prompt updates and reasonable price. However, the good deal finally has come to an end. Boxup is closed forever after shutting down for almost a month. My remaining membership got transfered to a new service Coxoo. Instead of http based download, coxoo use p2p methods and I have to install a p2p cilent. Coxoo has been around for a few months, with links from the front page of boxup. I have been suspecting coxoo is the next evolution of boxup, and it seems my guess is right. It would be more efficient to provide p2p service with reliable seed than hosting all the mp3 in dedicated servers. When I installed coxoo last week, the program is so crappy that it is next to useless. Today I gave it a second try, download and install the lastest release. I found service of coxoo is comparable to boxup, maybe even more convinient. One of my major complain is the song library of coxoo is not as well organized as boxup, although they are fairly up-to-date with most of the new songs. I hope coxoo’s library interface will improve over time or simpily re-use boxup’s. I am wondering what are the links between boxup, coxoo and myttf. It is very obvious they have close ties, but how they are related is unknown to me. It seems problem of finding mp3 is solved temporarily, until I have to find a replacment for coxoo.

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  1. I paid money (US$8xx) to Box-up for subscription to download mp3, then the service was transferred to “coxoo”. Unfortunately, I can’t access coxoo any more from Mar 06 till now, I want my money back or someone response……………..I feel very dispointed about this………

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