Holidays end

Today is the last day of the week long christmas holidays. I feel I am having the holiday syndrome, feeling sad about having to go back to work. My christmas holidays is absolutely unproductive, havn’t touch my school work once, and I am still preparing my toastmaster speech for tomorrow. However, one of my gains in the holidays is I came out from the shell and initiate contacts with my old friends. Other than my best buddies in Waterloo visiting me, I had sent out e-cards to all of my friends and heard many response. It is surprise to receive many warm greetings and updates from old friends didn’t keep in contact. I will try to keep in touch with them by writing them an email at least once a month. Although I feel a bit let down by some of responses, just one simple line with an unsincere thankyou. Some are not smart enough to gave me their email address even I hinted I had lost it. Anyways, a short reply is better than no reply. I can see which person can be written off from my friends list. It is very true that when one grows old, it is harder and harder to make new friends, so we have to treasure our old friends.

2 thoughts on “Holidays end”

  1. I am surprised that you sent email to all your friends and care about their replies…. My impression is that most males, esp Engineers, they don’t really put in a lot of time keping touch with their friends and maintaining the friendship. They usually have a few good friends but they don’t send emails to friends frequently. i think i have found another special side of you. 🙂

    BTW, how come I didn’t get a holiday greeting from u?? Am I not your friend?? 😛

  2. Well, to be exact, you are not my friend, you are my relatives, and I met you on x’mas day! Isn’t greeting you Merry Christmas in person better than send you an anonying hallmark e-card?

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