24″ LCD and the art of hotpot

Today, the 24″ widescreen LCD I ordered from dell has arrived. It is fantastic. I have almost the same screen area as 2 19″ LCD, with about the same price. The Dell 2405FPW is highly recommanded from computer review and is selling like a hot cake. I am very satisfy with it. I not used to the new ultra high resolution and widescreen ratio yet. In the past when I have two monitors, I tends to use the 19″ as the main monitor and put auxillary windows in the 17″. One thing for sure is I will rarely open windows using the full screen width, except maybe watching movies. I havn’t come up with my scheme on how to setup the windows yet, so far my perference is letting the browser have the right half of the screen and everything else on the left half. However my auxillary windows is slightly overlap with my browser window, something I will have to sort out. I am just thinking about add an extra 19″ or 20″ rotated 90 degree on the side to solve this problem. Maybe I will get it with my next PC upgrade.

Check out photos of my new LCD here

Tonight I was having hotpot at “little fat lamb” with friends at work. We wanted to go to this resturant for quite some time, but either it is too busy or my reversation is over booked. The food there is really good, the meat are fresh and lots of variaties, uncommon in all-you-can-eat buffer hotpot. I am sure I have ate too much tonight, probably triple the normal my dinner in-take. I found my friend, Jackson’s style of eating hotpot is a bit annoying. He like to dump everything into the pot and kill the boiling bubbles. He claims it is most efficient, which I highly doubt the end result. For putting too many stuff in the pot, he is idling while waiting for the water to re-boil. He eats in bursts when the food is cooked in batch and we all know eating in bursts actually makes you full faster. When he dumped the food into the pot, he mixed beef and pork, even seafood and vegatable. He end up cooking the beef far longer the optimal time and ruin the texture. In short, he just eats like a barbarian or an African refugee. A civilized person will only cook meat, especially beef, one piece at a time. Dip the beef slice into the boiling water, count 5 to 10 seconds depend on cook perference and it is ready to eat. Food takes long time to cook are placed into the pot bit by bit continuously without overloading the pot. The goal is to keep the water boiling all the time while throttle control the food in-take at a consistance pace. That is the art of eating hotpot.

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