I have a dentist semi-annual appointment today, it is just a regular clean up. Many people scare to see dentist, but I am not one of them. I never afraid of dentist, probably it is because I never had really bad toothache nor bad experience with dentist in childhood. I don’t mind the mild pain in dental check up, in some sense I actually enjoys it. Scraping my teeth to make it free of plague makes me feel good. I don’t really like whitening of the teeth using the mini-grinder, it is the sound that irritate me. I have been pround of having no cavities for many years, but finally I have to get some filling last year for bad teeth. One thing that always worries me is my wisdom teeth, I still have them embedded in my jaw. I had seen how terrible it is when my friends have to pull them out over the past few years. My only comfort is my wisdom teeth seems sleeping happily, with no signs of coming out. I hope I can just leave them alone forever. Next time when I call my dad, I gota ask him whether he had his wisdom pulled. I sort of remember his wisdom is not coming out as well. Maybe it runs in the gene line for not having wisdom teeth problems.

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