I have my first philosophy class tonight, PHIL 300, introduction to philosophy. I have interest in philosophy for a few years. First I started with questions on religion, then slowly it branch out to all major fields in philosophy, as I found theology is just a sub-set of philosophy. I have read a few books on philosophy, the best of all is Sophie’s World, probably many people’s first philosophy book. Although I tends to forget the philosopher’s thoughts and their names, but at least I can recongize their names. This course is my first formal training on philosophy, it comes with eassy assignments and exam. With these external pressure, I hope the stuff I learn would stay longer in my brain this time. After the introductory course, I want to read more on ethics and moral theory, and aesthetic. I believe in the economist darwinism theory on the first one, just want to check out other previous theories so I know how to counter them in case of challenage. The later one is a question always puzzles me, hope I can find some answers in the course. I am thinking about taking part time graduate studies in philosophy, have talked to the advisor in philosophy department once. My main concern is philosophy may turn out not as interesting as I have expected. Maybe I will try a couple grad course to begin with, if I can reclaim the credits towards my degree later on.

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