Treasure hunt in the library

I am the type of person who cannot study at home, except I have to work with my computer. It usually end up surfing the web or watching TV. Thus, I went to Bread Garden to study my philosophy reading today. Finished first two of Descarte’s meditation before my brain got stuffed by the materials. I decided to move to SFU library to continue my reading and at the same time look for some introductory books on philosophy of ethics and aesthetic. First, I came across a book “Free market never fails” in the new books section. It takes a super strong neo-classical view point on the economy of capitalism. I found it quite interesting and decided to borrow it. Then I moved to the journal sections to look for philosophical journals. I end up browsed the whole bookshelf on all journals. There are quite a few philosophical jounrals, but none of them are particularly interesting. I found a journal on”Receational Mathametics” is kinda cool. It publishes many fun maths problems, like the solution to tetris or how to make equations to calculate number 1 to 100 from 4 fours. Then I end up reading 3 issues of Popular Science, in which the articles are mostly BS or on the vague of being sci-fi. I went down to the B section and found there are simply too many philosophy books on those two topics. I don’t know which one are good to begin with. I should allocate more time and narrow down my search next time. Liberary is as distracting as home, especial to someone as curious as me.

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