Today is the first time I joined the church choir. Pat have been bugged me to join her choir for a long time. Since she is now the choir director, I promised to show my support to her. Choir is not as bad as I thought. I have heard most of the hymn before. So it is the one hour practise make the difference. Since the transit time already factored in the mass time, an extra hour is effectively less than an hour.

Although I still question why God need people to praise him at all, I can’t deny music is what makes a mass great. Rituals are created for the man, not God. I have a deeper thought about the church during the mass today, since it is bad to fall asleep on the choir bench. Actually I like the church traditions, rituals, legends, stories, namely the culture of the church. I grew up in this environment and it has became part of my background. What I can’t agree with the church is the metaphsyical stuff that no lay church goers care about, so call the high theology. It seems all the good stuff of the church are glassroot addition to the tradition evolved over time, not the teaching imposed by the high up. In theory, we could swap out the core belief of the church and keeping every else the same. Since those core values are merely used as slogans, they really are mysteries has no epistemological value. I see no reason why people should hang on to them. The Protestant’s religious revolution took the wrong route. They ditched the important stuff but kept the useless stuff of the Catholic church. The 2nd religious revolution should take a step back, preserve the tools that give religious experience and make people feel spiritual. The underlaying belief can be replaced with a more up-to-date version that is compitable with the modern secular world.

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